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Building a wood clock

29 August 2018 2

Testing CAD skills, accuracy CNC router table building wooden clock works. It' 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 3/4 marine birch ...

Making wooden gears on a CNC

29 August 2018 4

Showing wooden gears milled Shapeoko 3 CNC. The template gears Gear template generator written ...

cnc cut wood gear

29 August 2018 4

Cutting gear Zen Toolworks CNC router 1/4 plywood. Time-lapse - put settings manual - adjusting lighting I ...

CNC cut Gears

29 August 2018 5

Here' gear set I son newest homemade CNC machine. Not bad.

Genesis Wood Gear Clock - Up and Running!

29 August 2018 3

After weeks tinkering Clayton Boyer' Genesis clock running. Initially I wanted cut gears DIY CNC machines I ...

DIY CNC - Genesis Wood Clock Build & Shop Vac Enclosure Mod

29 August 2018 2

I' working Clayton Boyer' Genesis Wood Gear Clock enjoying process. However, I' CNC I' creating lot fine dust.

DIY CNC - Genesis Wood Gear Clock Progress Update

29 August 2018 3

Just quick update progress Clayton Boyer' Genesis wood gear clock.

DIY CNC - Genesis Wood Gear Clock - First Cuts!

29 August 2018 1

I built lots gear trains escapement systems couple years completed functioning clock. To fix I purchased ...

Wooden Calendar Clock by Lukas

28 August 2018 6

I designing making clock months weekends evenings. Most parts cut CNC router 4 ...

Making The #6 Part 1. A Wooden Gear clock

28 August 2018 4

This mini movie showing progress making Number 6. A wooden gear clock designed Clayton Boyer.

049 How I Design And Cut My Gears; Plus How I Make My Wooden Clocks.

28 August 2018 2

A detailed walk I design cut nice gears CNC machine. Many tips tricks cutting accurate parts basic wood working ...

How to make gears

28 August 2018 6 How gears, I screw advance box joint jig wooden router lift.