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Concussion research at UBC: sports and head trauma

26 January 2018 16

Retired pro hockey player Brady Calla' NHL career cut short due repeated head trauma, injury ' common professional athletes. The University Bri...

Gary Bettman denies the link between concussions and CTE?!

26 January 2018 10

Frank D'Angelo Phil Esposito give NHL commissioner Gary Bettman' refusal accept link concussions Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). ht...

The Truth About Concussions

26 January 2018 11

Millions athletes suffer concussions year, controversy surrounding injury. Professional sports leagues NFL NHL criticized terms...

Former Players Join Lawsuit Against the NHL

26 January 2018 18

140 hockey players involved class-action complaint NHL family NHL star Steve Montador sued league.

NFL to pay $1 billion concussion settlement to former players

26 January 2018 10

The Supreme Court rejected challenges $1 billion plan NFL settle players filed lawsuits claiming diagnosed brain injuries linked repeate...

CTE Lawsuit Plaintiff Jeff Parker Passes Away

26 January 2018 12

His story told lawsuit league. Support The Hockey Guy Patreon https://www.patreon./thehockeyguy Follow Twitter https://...

When Will Concussion Lawsuits Bring About Real Change In NHL? | Sports Illustrated

26 January 2018 10

On Wednesday' SI Now, Sports Illustrated senior writer Brian Cazeneuve discusses concussion lawsuit NHL cautious players experienced head tra...

NHL concussion lawsuit. (Sorry No Show This Week) 26NOV13

26 January 2018 15

Shot From Point Productions weekly Internet Radio Hockey Comedy show YouTube video-maker. We cover wacky, hysterical, insanity Hockey world...

Former NHL players launch lawsuit

26 January 2018 14

Ten NHL players launched class action lawsuit, league hid dangers concussion . Francis Silvaggio reports. For info, http://www.globalnews....

Can a concussion legal case threaten the NHL’s future?

26 January 2018 12

More 100 professional ice hockey players preparing sue National Hockey League (NHL) US Canada. They accusing NHL concealing scientific evid...